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O.M.G isn't what you would normally think it means. In my classes it means: ONE.......MO........GENN!!

When my students need to do it one more time they must say "ONE MO GENN, Miss Kim!"

When I want them to do it one more time, I say "LETS GO EVERYONE... ONE MO GENN!"

And that is how I came up with OMGLive!

Choreographers and Instructors all have that one thing that makes them unique and keeps their people coming back, well I have several

  1. FUN - We gotta have it!!! Who wants to do something and not have some kind of FUN!! I didn't say you would get a hard workout, but think of how much easier it will be when its FUN!!!

2. MUSIC - This is a KEY FACTOR and that is why I have teamed up with several Beat Makers to give me that Musicality that moves me and you too!


3. ORIGINALITY- No class is ever the same!! We may add on, change sides or even do it backwards to challenge that brain, but you will never be bored with the same ole thing!!

   4. YOU GOT ME - I am there for you! I am going to be that MOTIVATION that you need. I am going to       train you and explain to you what you are doing and not leave you to just do some moves...... I GOT YOU!!!

                                 O.M.G Live is HERE and I am looking forward to our JOURNEY!!!


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